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Captive 101 Introduction


Thinking about forming a Captive? Here's what you need to know. Join this panel discussion with various leading experts and learn how to evaluate, license, and operate a captive insurance company. The distinguished panel will include consultants, a captive manager, an actuary, and an attorney all with a strong background in captive insurance. Open Q&A will allow audience members to interact and ask questions about any phase of captive feasibility or formation.



  • Tim Svoboda, Conner Strong and Buckelew

  • Rae Brown, Director - Captive Operations, GPW and Associates

  • Kyle Mrotek, The Actuarial Advantage

Captive Insurance Taxation - The Latest (Level 301)


Captive insurance taxation is ever evolving. Comments on the Treasury proposed “micro-captive” regulations are due on the first day of the conference. The panelists’ topics will include these proposed regulations, observations on the IRS’ views on pooling, expanded IRS information gathering from third-parties, and any other timely topics. Questions from the audience are encouraged.


  • Charles J. (Chaz) Lavelle, Dentons Bingham Greenebaum LLP

  • Bruce Wright, Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP

  • Steve Miller, ZMFF&J Law

The Importance of Captive Actuarial Funding Analysis (Level 101)


We all know the importance of having an independent actuary proving an actuary funding analysis to price captive insurance premiums. However, many providers and owners sometimes gloss over the importance of understanding what actually goes into an actuary funding reports. In this session, we will examine the basic components of an actuarial funding report including not only the pricing analysis but also the importance of a well-written narrative that accompanies the pricing analysis. We will also review insight from regulators, service providers, and owners in how to best use the information provided in the actuary funding analyses so as to improve the overall efficiency and functionality of a captive program.



  • Doug Butler, Womble Bond Dickinson

  • Trenton Lipka, Pinnacle

  • Tom Massey, Nelnet Insurance Services;

  • Steve Kinion, Oklahoma Insurance Department

Claims Best Practices and What to Expect (Level 201)


This presentation will discuss claims process, best practices, what a captive owner can do when a claim happens, and more. Topics include: What do we look for in the claims process / expectation for the captive member? What are best practices and what are the standards? What should a captive do to help their claims team when a claim happens? From an employer standpoint, what does a Captive Owner have as best practices? How does a captive owner help the claims team to move and resolve claims?



  • Amy Klatt, Skyward Specialty Insurance

  • Amy O'Brien, Gallagher Bassett

  • Susan Hauser, Artex

Embedding ESG Initiatives into the Captive: Who Knew? (Level 201)


Sustainability and ESG initiatives continue to capture more than their fair share of the headlines across the insurance industry. Quietly, both have become more ingrained into the ecosystem than many realize. Join us in understanding these stealth trends and the direct applications for the captive space with a focus on ESG investing and overall enterprise risk management (ERM).



  • Greg Cobb, Sage

  • Nicholas Cimino, PNC Institutional Asset Management

  • Brandy Alderson, Marsh

So You Own a Captive…Now What? (Level 101)


Hear about the evolution of a captive insurance company from the perspective of a captive owner, captive manager and captive regulator. This presentation will cover reasons the captive was initially formed, the evolution over the years to include additional business lines added and ways that the risk manager has turned to the captive as a tool to solve challenges both existing and prospective.



  • Donald Ashwood, Aon

  • Marleen Judge, World Wide Technology

  • Jodi Harrison, Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance

Current IRS Captive Enforcement Actions (Level 301)


This presentation will give attendees an up-to-date explanation and assessment of the latest IRS activities relative to captives. Panelists will also provide some do's and don'ts for practitioners.



  • Hale Stewart, ZMF Law

  • Matthew Queen, Goldner Capital Management / The Queen Firm, LLC

  • Rob Walling, Pinnacle Actuarial Resources

Captive Financial and Operational Advantages Enhanced by Data Analytics 
(Level 201)


This session will show the value of enhanced analytics and take a deeper dive into claims data. Panelists will discuss the advantage of captive vs other risk financing options, explain the expected losses that give competitive advantage in negotiations with reinsurance markets, and reveal otherwise hidden patterns that can drive better proactive risk management.


  • Larry Rudwick, Risk Analysis Services LLC


  • Alan Cantor, Risk Analysis Services LLC

  • John M. Talley, TAL Consulting LLC

  • Michael Connell, Restoration Risk Retention Group

Hot Topics (Level 201)


This lively panel will address the hot topics, opportunities and threats facing the captive industry. The continued hard market and the current economic marketplace have put the captive industry in the spotlight as risk managers are accessing their captives in expanded ways to address today’s challenges. The session will also discuss the industry challenge of an aging captive industry which needs new initiatives to attract a workforce that will become the next generation of captive leaders as well as the other current hot topics. The session will share how CICA has developed strategies to attract younger individuals and support women to fill this growing need through their NEXTGen and Amplify Women initiatives.



  • Dan Towle, CICA


  • Anne Marie Towle, Hylant Global Captive Solutions

  • Tony Greer, Dickinson Wright

Cell Captive Diversity (Level 301)


This seasoned panel with decades of experience will offer an advanced interactive discussion on Cell Captives including the Insurance industry in transition, the dynamic nature of how Cells respond to provide coverage the commercial market cannot, why use a Cell Structure, what is a Cell, Pros and Cons of Incorporated and Unincorporated Cells and the challenges and opportunities of a Cell Captive. Panelists will share several current captive case studies and how for more than 12 years these cells have operated, providing solutions and serving thousands of insureds.



  • Renea Louie, Pro Group Captive Management Services

  • Jeff Simpson, Womble Bond Dickinson

  • Joe Marcantel, Talisman Insurance Company, Inc.

Integrating Your Service Provider Team (Level 201)


This panel discussion will be focused on topics such as why service providers are inextricably intertwined, the frequency of interaction captive owners should have from their service provider team, examples of how thoughtful and consistent collaboration results in a stronger captive, and how working in a silo can work as a detriment to the captive.



  • Dylan Feringa, PNC Institutional Asset Management

  • Adam Miholic, Hylant

  • Bill Wetherell, Pacific Capital Insurance Company

  • Nicole McArdle, Pinnacle Actuarial Resources

Regulator Roundup


Always one of the WRCIC’s most popular sessions, the Regulator Roundup is your chance to hear regulators from multiple domiciles discuss recent trends and opine on topical issues.


MODERATOR: Allan Smith, Marsh



  • Travis Wegkamp, Utah Insurance Department

  • Sam Komo, Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance

  • Victoria Fimea, Arizona Department of Insurance & Financial Institutions;

  • Nick Stosic, Nevada Division of Insurance

  • Mark Wiedeman, Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance

  • Steve Kinion, Oklahoma Insurance Department

  • Kari Leonard, Montana Office of Commissioner of Securities & Insurance

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